Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

IAXCESS is your most reliable source for all Microsoft software tools including the brilliant Microsoft Power BI. Allowing for most accurate business analytics that can be shared across your organizational network in very friendly format and also be embedded in your business app or website, the Microsoft Power BI takes business administration to a whole new level. IAXCESS specializes in providing best Microsoft Power BI software for our business clients who will be able to automate their analytics with goal-oriented preferences and selection criteria.

Quick Data to Insights Conversion with Microsoft Power BI

While the Microsoft Power BI provides best in class business analytics, it can also convert your raw data into actionable insights accurately and instantly. IAXCESS offers Power BI tools that make your businesses much easier to operate and also to monitor for progress of tasks and daily functions. With our perfect Microsoft Power BI tools, you can:

  • See your data in new, advanced and easy to understand ways
  • Share your data converted into quick insights for every part of your business
  • Connect hundreds of data sources on your business premises and also on the cloud
  • Use the specialized Power Query and simplify data input, transformation and integration
  • Use the built-in visuals to create useful reports and also create your own custom visuals

Collaborate and Share Insights Across Your Wide Network

Another top feature you get with Microsoft Power BI from IAXCESS is the ability to share all insights across your whole business network. Whether you have hundreds of on-premises based share points with different team members or many on the cloud, you can share all your insights directly with everyone intended. Your team members can access all insights shared from anywhere using cloud sharing and storage. Now you can simplify your insights generation and sharing with perfection collaboration across various share points in any business network. IAXCESS provides integrated Microsoft Power BI software that works seamlessly with all other Microsoft applications across all networks.

IAXCESS Is Your Trusted Power BI Provider

IAXCESS has been providing Microsoft solutions for more than a decade in many world markets. We currently serve in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and many other neighboring countries offering top quality software solutions for all business needs. Our integrated Microsoft solutions make your businesses run efficiently. Our services in 18 different countries of the world including the Middle East and GCC markets are trusted and relied on by clients for all their software needs. We provide highest level Microsoft Power BI software solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. Whether you are a small business or a large business organization, we will provide best Power BI setup for your needs. We also serve new startups and also existing accomplished businesses alike.

Powerful Software Integration with Worthy After Sales Services

IAXCESS has served businesses for more than a decade with meaningful Microsoft Software solutions. Our Power BI is just another offering for all business organizations. We also provide on-site based installations in markets that we have presence in. Our partners are also available with leading after sales services offering maintenance and upgrade cycles of the highest quality. Now you don’t have to look elsewhere in UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and many other world markets for any software needs. IAXCESS provides most reliable and high-quality integrated Microsoft based services. We have a Gold Business Partnership with Microsoft that allows us to offer their full suite of services including the leading Microsoft Power BI. Our system will make your different departments anywhere they might be located speak to each other in a much more efficient way. Track your business’s progress and convert all that raw data into meaningful and workable insights that can be shared across all dimensions and share points with the greatest Power BI tool from Microsoft.