Lakeside SysTrack IT Analytics

Lakeside SysTrack IT Analytics

IT Analytics is one of the major requirements for any IT based business or any other modern business organization that has incorporated IT infrastructure in their operational procedures. Workplace Analytics can also be helped a great deal with helpful Analytics software that record all transactions and account for each action taken on or off the premises at all times. Lakeside SysTrack is one of the leading workplace analytics software options available in the market with dedicated productivity monitoring and functional resources allocation for tasks and operations. IAXCESS has been providing high quality reliable software solutions to businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA for a very long time and we are the most trusted IT Analytics software providers in the market as well. IAXCESS ensures top end workplace analytics with our Lakeside SysTrack based solutions that can be tailored to suit your client’s needs efficiently and perfectly. IAXCESS’s efficient IT Analytics solutions will provide:

  • Improved Productivity With Much Efficient Workspace Analytics Saving Time And Resources
  • Peak Performance Management With Correct IT Asset Allocation And Balanced Resources For Each Type Of Tasks
  • Much Reduced Overhead Costs As Administrative Labor In Planning Process Will Be Shortened Enormously
  • Enhanced Security For The Whole System And All The Devices Connected With It At All Times
  • Mobile Ready System Providing Opportunity For Mobile Based Workplace Analytics

For all small, medium or large businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA, IAXCESS is the one stop shop for all software concerns. Our Lakeside SysTrack based IT Analytics software solutions provide easy and less time consuming workplace analytics that automate the whole process ensuring a centralized system that can be connected with all the attached devices. We provide our clients in the region with tailored solutions that are customized to suit their organization’s size, type, functionality and budget availabilities.

Workplace Analytics at Your Fingertips

Performing workplace analytics has always been one of the most cumbersome process almost all businesses have to go through every now and then, IAXCESS makes it very easy in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA with our highly reliable Lakeside SysTrack based analytic system that can be operated on fingertips without involving in time and effort consuming traditional ways of performing analytics. Our perfect solutions offer:

  • Enhanced Security – With Built-In Endpoint Auditing And Assessment Systems That Get Fully Encrypted Data And Enhanced Data Safety At All Times
  • Invisible Operation – With As Low As 1% CPU Usage Not Slowing Down Any Important System Memory And Allocating All The Resources To The Right Tasks
  • Scalable Services – With All Your Endpoints Accounted For Up To Over 400,000 Seats Including Devices Of All Types, Sizes And Kinds
  • Cloud Ready Solutions – With Ability For The Data To Be Collected From Premises Or Online Storage Options

Lakeside SysTrack is all about providing convenient IT Analytics solutions to businesses of all kinds, and IAXCESS achieves that with successful implementation of their superior products on our client’s systems. Our tailored solutions will leave no information or data behind when providing workplace analytics of the highest standards.

Custom Tailored Analytics Solutions for Easy Integration

Any software product is only as efficient as its user interface, IAXCESS provides Lakeside SysTrack based tailored workplace analytics software that has custom tailored user interface providing easy usage as preferred by our clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. Our software solution is fully customizable and we also provide our clients in the region the opportunity to plan with us their location based meetings where our skilled experts will not down every requirements from them and deliver with the perfectly customized and tailored analytics solutions. Call us now and we will not let you down with our attention to detail throughout the whole process of designing and implementing your IT analytics solutions.

Data – Monitoring – Analytics – Insight

IAXCESS has a very reliable business relationship with SysTrack that allows us full access to their Lakeside software IT Analytics solutions, which is based on very lightweight data collections, always on data monitoring, reliable analytics and thorough insights into the whole process breaking everything down to the core making sense to business owners and managers alike. The basic operation of SysTrack’s endpoint agent is to feed the Lakeside Software DataMine™ engine with rich and typical metrics from the endpoint in order to get a collection platform that scales to millions of systems and devices with easy and simple hierarchical architecture and the least number of supporting servers. Our reliable system has been tried and tested by thousands of our clients and your satisfaction is just as important for as.