Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service Integration Solution

What is the best way for large business organizations with a high number of employees to provide everyday services? Employee Self Service provides the answer when done right with reliable tools and software. This modern integrated tool from IAXCESS is based around Microsoft Inc. services and software and our Gold Partnership with them allows us premium access to all their software features that we offer our clients for a much reliable service. IAXCESS provides integrated services that have:

  • Employee Self Check In and Check Out
  • Employee Self Break Timing Records
  • Integrated Timesheets
  • Integrated and Live Updated Schedules


We provide reliable Employee Self Services that take the burden away from managers and bosses enabling them to use their time in other important activities. Our integrated self-services software in partnership with Microsoft services not only stays connected with all other services but updates every feature on a runtime basis providing live records for the employees and people in charge of them. The Gold membership that we have with Microsoft Systems allows us to provide advanced Employee Self Service services in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all of the KSA, specializing in:

Dynamics 365

IAXCESS specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 software that is a complete tool for all everyday tasks any sizes business has to perform and Employee Self Service is one of them. With so many other integrated systems as an option, the Dynamics 365 can provide your business in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all of the KSA just what you require integrating everything from Payroll to automatic-operated  HR services with Employee Self Service being a major part of them.

Dynamics AX

VAT (Value Added Services) have made their way into every single part of any business in the UAE and Employee Self Service is one of them. With automatic check in and check out including integration with the HR systems, the Dynamics AX software systems help calculate VAT for all the activities done by the Employees with their Self Service systems. Whether it is overtime and check ins and check outs related to them or any other Payroll attached activities, the easiest Dynamics AX services by IAXCESS require only activating the VAT, setting up Tax Components for Dynamics AX, setting up VAT schedules, setting up sales tax groups for VAT and setting up Tax codes for VAT and you are good to go for all TAX calculations on the fly.

Dynamics NAV

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most complete software tools incorporating every single required tools and services by businesses of all kinds. The Dynamics NAV software from Microsoft provided by IAXCESS enables complete integration of all services within a business organization including Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, CSR, Sales and Marketing, Service Management, HR Management, Project and Resource Management and also Warehouse Management. All this high level integration allows for controlled Employee Self Service interactions making jobs of managers and bosses very easy.

Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete software system perfect for Finance Management, Project Management, CSR Management, HR, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing processes integrated with Employee Self Service perfectly allowing all activities to be supervised efficiently. The Dynamics GP system is a perfect answer for business organizations across providing peace of mind for managers allowing for automated Employee Self Service systems second to none in the industry.

IAXCESS is a verified Gold Partner with Microsoft services providing business solutions in KSA, Kuwait, Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon and Jordan. Our integrated Employee Self Service systems can make your businesses much more efficient allowing you to spend your valuable time in other important activities.