Need high quality VoIP Systems for your business needs? IAXCESS provides some of the highest tech Yeastar based VoIP PBX and VoIP Gateway systems that are second to none in their quality features and offer trustworthy reliability at the same time as well. Yeastar has established a worldwide presence in VoIP based systems and have served over 100,000 happy customers providing state of the art solutions that receive constant updates keeping them aligned with all the modern systems made use of internationally. IAXCESS has a Gold Partnership with Yeastar that enables us to offer our clients in the UAE and most of the Middle East high tech VoIP systems necessary for everyday business and significant cost cutting measures when it comes to making outbound or receiving inbound calls. Our top quality Yeastar based systems will offer you:

  • A Scalable Modular Design with maximum data speeds availability allowing system capacity expansion by upgrading certain modules
  • Easy Configuration and Management only requiring a few short minutes with the auto-configuration mode enabled. The newer S-Series also offers intuitive Web GUI, PC Accessibility with mobile phone and other internet-enabled device features
  • A Powerful LinKus Mobile Client that makes your Android or iOS phone a virtual extension of the VoIP system anywhere and anytime
  • Reliable VoIP based system that are available whenever or wherever required and instant data transfers enabling crystal clear voice over for both sides.

Modern and Advanced VoIP Solutions

IAXESS brings advanced VoIP solutions with Yeastar powered technology. Starting from the Yeastar S412 that allows 20 user connectivity with a maximum of 12 FXS Extensions and 8 Concurrent Calls, you can go all the way with the Yeastar S300, which is good for 500 Maximum Users, 24 Maximum FXS Extensions with a Maximum of 120 Concurrent Calls. The reliability with our high quality Yeastar based VoIP Solutions is unmatched as well. You will never have to worry about dropped calls or overlapping call management, our high quality solutions will take care of all that for you.

Technology at Your Doorstep

IAXCESS has been serving the Middle East market with technology solutions for a very long time. We have dedicated offices in all major cities and states where our highly skilled staff members come to your doorstep providing your business reliable solutions. For high quality VoIP systems, our Gold Partnership with Yeastar works best when offering you K2 – Large Capacity IP-PBX solutions. Why spend too much on network calling, IAXCESS provides internet based calls at the highest speeds with VoIP mastered technology that is second to none in the industry.

Tailored Technology for Each Requirement

IAXCESS believes in fulfilling requirements while provide efficient services as well. We have highly qualified team members that come right down to your business locations in the Middle East accessing your exact requirements and tailoring our Yeastar VoIP solutions just accordingly. With you high tech solutions, you can expect:

  • High quality precise and result oriented installation right at your business locations
  • Tailored solutions to suit your exact requirements in numbers and installation types
  • On-call availability for first installation and efficient maintenance for a lifetime
  • Local people serving local needs with the perfect match of software and hardware.

For more detail please visit Yeastar website