Property and Real Estate Management

Property and Real Estate Management

Property and Real Estate Management businesses are some of the hottest ones in the modern day with so much development and real estate going around in the world. How to make the daily business transactions easy and intuitive? This is one of the most frequent questions going around in the real estate industry. IAXCESS has come up with the perfect answer that not only makes all business transactions digital but also provides easy to use software ERP systems that get the job done much quicker and efficiently. We offer internally integrated software solutions that interact with each and every part of the business making it much easier for the users. IAXCESS has a Gold Partnership with Microsoft that allows us full access to their top quality Dynamics CRM software solution, which we tailor and customize to perfection fulfilling all needs and requirements for Property and Real Estate Management businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. Our custom Dynamics CRM based software ERP systems can provide:

  • Integrated Maps for Development Schemes Regarding Any Areas
  • Integrated Clients Records for Coordination and Follow Ups
  • Record Keeping for Employees and Manpower
  • Integrated Accounts and Finance Systems
  • Digital Automated Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Digitally Operated Daily Activities Like Inter-Staff Communication


The traditional ways of operating Property and Real Estate Management businesses in most of the Middle East have been good old fashioned manual entries, which worked well to a certain extent but are always prone to human error. IAXCESS with our specially designed software ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM aim to better than by a long shot. We work with our clients in order to provide them customized software ERP solutions based on their particular needs.

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly developed and complete Customer Relationship Management software ERP system that allows full access to the users and their customers when it comes to daily tasks like providing customers options for feedback and after sales services. IAXCESS, because of our premium Gold Partnership with Microsoft, provide our clients complete ERP systems that do everything for them in a much quicker more efficient way than ever before. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM based systems that we provide our clients have:

  • Intuitive and Responsive Front-End User Interfaces
  • Dependable and Reliable Backend Programming
  • Easy Feedback and Contact Options for Customers or Clients
  • Customized Software for Users Boosting Interaction and Connectivity

User-Friendly Front End Interface

‘A software system is only as good as its user interface’. This is a term much spoken about in the Information Technology industry and IAXCESS aim to deliver on this to our maximum potential. We set up on-site meeting sessions with our clients and get their feedback on how they prefer their own front end user interfaces that are intuitive and helpful particularly for their own scenarios. Whichever combination our Property and Real Estate Management clients like with everything that they interact with on the front end side of things, we deliver with enhanced precision and boosted accuracy.

Reliable and Secure Backend Coding

Security for any Property and Real Estate Management business is of utmost importance and IAXCESS keeps this in mind when designing our high quality Microsoft Dynamics CRM based ERP systems. Our skilled coding programmers provide highly secure backend coding that improves the already secure Dynamics CRM software providing solutions that can be relied upon even for highly sensitive data stored on the systems. These complex codes store the date much more efficiently in an encrypted format that can only be accessed by authorized people with their personal secure long in details.

Don’t trust any other average Software ERP service providers in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA, IAXCESS provides you much reliable services that aim to make your daily business routines much easier.