Trend Micro Cyber Security

Trend Micro Cyber Security

Personal business data and information are significant, so significant that the wellbeing of a business can depend on its security and accessibility. With targeted threats and intentional cyber-attacks, data integrity could not be more fragile. Trend Micro is one Cyber Security solution that provides the much needed peace of mind and protection for important data across all platforms with connected and integrated encryptions that can fend off against most new and advanced kind of cyber-attacks and complex algorithms. IAXCESS has been serving the software market in Dubai UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA for almost two decades now and we have developed reliable business partnerships with Trend Micro who provide us full access to their state of the art programs that help our client defend against suspicious digital activities both intended or automatic. IAXCESS ensures full peace of mind when it comes to data protection across all platforms with advanced and updated programing and always learning algorithms. With the Trend Micro solution we provide, you can have:

  • Hybrid Cloud Security That Improves Visibility And Simplifies Security Management With Connected Hybrid Physical, Virtual And Cloud Peripherals
  • High Level Network Defense That Detects, Analyzes And Prevents Ransomware And Advanced Threats Through Targeted Attacks
  • Advanced User Information Protection On Any Device, Application Or Location
  • A Centralized Visibility And Investigation Standpoint That Improves Stability And Protection Across Your Whole Enterprise
  • Global Threat Intelligence That Protects Your Data Against All International Threats Around The Clock

IAXCESS has got Dubai UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA covered with our superior quality cyber security solutions based on the advanced Trend Micro software offering. Our security solutions will safeguard your data against threats of any kinds and intensities providing your business a chance to progress in your specific industry efficiently. Don’t let any unauthorized programs or people attack your precious data and information through any cyber programs, use the high tech Trend Micro solutions provided by IAXCESS in your local area.


High-End Cyber Security

Many cyber security solutions providers will claim reliable services from their experts, yet where it counts most is the fact that no on dimensional service can provide the safeguard that you need for your significant information that is always best in your own hands. IAXCESS in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA offers much reliable and high quality security solutions that are based on the advanced Trend Micro products, offering:

  • Connected Threat Defense – Ensures high quality connected cyber security services providing protection across the entire threat life-cycle including Detection, Response and Protection through Visibility and Control.
  • Centralized Visibility and Investigation – Provides full control with visibility and protection across the whole enterprise regardless of how many connected devices or what type of devices there are.
  • Global Threat Intelligence – Guarantees high quality round the clock threat Visibility and Protection with Smart Protection Network and XGen™ security.

Trend Micro is all about the minute details covered with their special purpose software security solutions and IAXCESS provides their complete ticket with reliable services right at your doorstep ensuring convenient and well-appreciated services.

Covering All Enterprises, Business and Organizations

IAXCESS has become the most trustable software solutions provider in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA because of our superior service history in the region. We provide businesses, enterprises and organizations in our region the opportunity to plan their own premises based meetings that not only take into account all of their specific requirements but also deliver on them with the most suitable cyber security solutions in the market. For all the small, medium and large sized enterprises in our region, we provide the most well-suited cyber security solutions that cover all requirements with targeted solutions using the premises based hardware availability and also combining it with our high level cloud services.

Connected and Integrated Data Security

Keeping data safe in today’s cyber world that is full of threats from all directions needs top of the line connected and integrated services. IAXCESS brings you just that in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA with high quality Trend Micro solutions that not only connect all your devices and platforms with their one centralized system but also use integrated premises and cloud based services to provide a high quality and reliable cyber security solution. Our perfect safe data solution guarantees peace of mind and secure business transaction for all kinds of businesses including the highly critical software oriented ones or the much functional government ogranizations.