Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Customer Relationship Management is a big part of any modern business. Businesses from around the world spend a big chunk of their profits on CRM to get the customer side of their business right. How to make the Customer Relationship Management part of any business in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA perfect? Businesses from many different product and service industries have been asking this question for as long as anyone can remember. IAXCESS provides the most efficient and suitable answer with our perfect software ERP systems that are based on the brilliant Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. We have a Gold Partnership with Microsoft and are able to use all features of their Dynamics CRM software that can also be tailored on the front end exactly according to our client’s preferences. Everything related to customer relationship is taken care off by IAXCESS’s super reliable and intuitive software ERP offering that gets its reliability from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our advanced software systems can take care of:

  • Customer Side Front End
  • Client Records for Response and Actions
  • Automated Client Emails and Text Messages
  • Integration with All the Relevant Business Departments
  • Intuitive Feedback and Suggestions Interfaces
  • Problem Solving After Sales Services Interfaces
  • Integrated Stock and Services Availability for Relevant Businesses

Businesses of all kinds and types serving with any products or services need to fulfill all their customer’s requirements and traditional ways of providing quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services have been manual that have not been all that efficient when it comes to following up on sales or working with feedback options. IAXCESS takes care of all these with our digital software based ERP solutions designed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that take into account all daily and long term customer requirements and works with our clients according to them at all times. Not only are our software solutions easy to use with friendly interfaces but also are some of the most secure with advanced level of coding and programming.

Easy Solutions with Friendly Interfaces

Operating any software solution is all about easy usage and friendly interface facilitating even the basic skilled person with what they need to achieve. Not every user is as skilled with computer software as programmers and coders. IAXCESS takes into account every single requirement from our clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA and our dedication to providing easy and intuitive interfaces also involves a client site based meeting in any of these regions getting feedback and input from our clients on how they like their software systems to look like and behave. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts guarantee:

  • Client Oriented Front End User Interfaces
  • Separated Tabs or Links for Every Main Functionality
  • Organized ERP Systems that are Easy to Navigate Even for a Non-technical Person

Other software providers in the market offer you readymade software solutions that do what they are supposed to where you have to get used to their way of operating tasks and fulfilling operations, IAXCESS puts the control right in your hand. You can design your very own version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM based ERP system that works for you just the way you prefer. There are no learning curves with our superior quality easy front end user interfaces, you will feel right at home doing all your daily tasks like providing customers what they need, interacting with customer feedback, generating customer reports or providing invoices and bills in a unique, organized and reliable way.

Reliable and Secure Backend for Data Storage

Customer Relationship Management systems will always have sensitive information like customer personal information, transaction records, items or services purchased and some other information based on how customers interact with the business. To keep this information safe and stored in an organized way from where it is only accessible by authorized personal through their secure login details is a top priority at IAXCESS. Our skilled backend programming experts provide reliable coding that keeps all data encrypted using Microsoft Dynamics CRM based efficient software systems. Using our secure software ERP systems, you can:

  • Store All Your Data Safely and Securely
  • Access All Data In a Reliable Secure Way
  • Be Sure That Your Customer or Client Data Will Not Be Misused
  • Apply Safeguards On You Data Policy As Required

IAXCESS is your one stop shop for all software related requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA. We have been providing satisfactory services for a very long time and have served a large number of happy clients for all that while as well. What makes our services in the region unique and trustworthy is the fact that we work right alongside our clients and deliver them just what they need in terms of easy to use interfaces and secure reliable backend coding. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect, contact IAXCESS now and get Microsoft Dynamics CRM based software solutions that are made just for you bringing convenience and reliability to your businesses.