Information Attack Killer

Information Attack Killer

This solution is used to protect data from all kind of thread. And will minimizes the risk caused by the human factor and timely protection against Hacker Technology.
The solution will be particularly useful for online banking systems, e-commerce sites, public service portals, teamwork systems, online stores, and other websites and applications.


  • Simple solution: end-to-end integration of various security tools into a single interface makes the system convenient to operate and facilitates user training
  • Efficient protection: artificial intelligence of the core and use of machine learning in operations of InfoWatch Attack Killer functional components reduce the probability of successful attacks almost to zero
  • Secured life cycle of the application: a special source code scanner ensures security of the whole business application development and use cycle


  • A single solution to protect against all web threats
    • Bringing balance to security, development, and business
  • Modular connectivity
    • Protection started with any module
  • Single web interface and unified reporting
    • Intuitive charts and reports on logged attack attempts on all protection layers
  • Best-of-breed technology union
    • InfoWatch Group merged leading technologies, each is battle proven on the information security market
  • Assisted regulatory compliance
  • Easy to use, intuitive UI – making it easy to implement a rock solid backup strategy
  • Managing and configuring backup/restore jobs across multiple hosts has never been simpler
  • Full control & scalability – Monitor and manage all your Hyper-V and VMware hosts from a single console.