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Veeam Cloud Services

Efficient data storage has become a necessity for many businesses. Organizations and offices that deal in software, need reliable data storage sources all that more. Living in a world of increasing threats to data, external factors causing data losses or businesses relocating or upgrading their tech all the time has made traditional ways or devices used for data storage rather unreliable. In such diverse circumstances, cloud based data storage services have turned out to be the ultimate answer. IAXCESS in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Muscat, Bahrain and all parts of KSA offer Veeam powered cloud services that are second to none in functionality or reliability. We have a exclusive business partnership with Veeam that allows us full access to their services, which we tailor to our client’s needs bringing them their much needed cloud data storage services that will ensure:

  • Safe and Secure Offsite Data Storage
  • Affordable Cloud Space Offers
  • Live Support All Over the World
  • Reliable and Always operational Access to the Stored Data
  • Secure Offsite Data Drives Delivering Spot On Services All the Time

IAXCESS has been serving businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jordan, Bahrain and KSA for the best part of two decades and all that experience combined with unmatched skill in the software solutions industry has helped us design some of the most intuitive and user friendly Veeam powered cloud storage services that ensure our clients never run out of space without there being a concern of losing important data as well. IAXCESS is the name in custom software industry that so many people have trusted in the past, we will provide businesses of all sizes and niches with Veeam Cloud Services that will take away their data storage worries once and for all.


Multiple Devices and Systems, One Cloud Based Storage Solution

Veeam Cloud Services are some of the most advanced in the world. IAXCESS provides fully customized cloud services based on the outstanding Veeam protocols that can interlink all your devices or systems regardless of them being placed separately via cloud based data management and store all your important daily operational data at one simplified offsite cloud based location. Our reliable cloud services can:

  • Provide Integrated Cloud Services Across All Platforms
  • Merge Data from All Devices and Store It Onto One Specified Location
  • Ensure Safety and Security for Stored Data
  • Ensure Easy and Efficient Access to the Stored Data

IAXCESS is your one stop shop for all software technology related solutions in Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and KSA ensuring reliable and affordable offsite cloud based data storage.

Plan Your Meeting with Us for Reliable Veeam Cloud Services

Veeam Cloud Services are the highest tech modern options available to businesses of all sizes, IAXCESS provides a unique opportunity for businesses in Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and KSA to have a meeting scheduled at their own business locations with our highly skilled and experienced cloud storage specialists. During this meeting, you can let us know your exact preferences in the front user interface or the backend programming of your cloud based storage options. We tailor our Veeam based services to suit our client’s exact preferences in a way that we get their recommendations for future business in the region as well.

Leave Bulky Site Stored Data Worries Behind

IAXCESS is always working as hard as we can to ensure client satisfaction and our Veeam Cloud Storage Services are just an extension of our superior services in Dubai, Bahrain, Muscat, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and KSA. Never have to worry about installing big servers and expensive setups to ensure reliable data storage. IAXCESS brings to you reliable and highly reliable cloud based data storage services that ensure safety along with simplicity at all times. Our cloud data storage services can ensure:

  • Safely Stored Offsite Data That Doesn’t Require Any Site Based Drives or Servers At All
  • Easy Access to Stored Data Via Veeam Powered Interlinked Software System
  • Reliability and Responsibility of Unmatched Proportions Coupled with Enhanced Experience Brining Outstanding Cloud Storage Services

IAXCESS is name that you can trust, call us now and we will bring to your cloud services that will sort your data storage worries for good.