Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Work from anywhere you want, collaborate seamlessly

Few questions that pops in one’s mind while moving to the cloud with Microsoft office 365 on cloud are

  • What should be moved?
  • How will I do the migration?
  • How will manage the hybrid environment
  • Which is better, On Premise Vs Hybrid Vs Public cloud
  • What is the best way to do it?
  • We have all the answers

Microsoft Office 365 is the best productivity application tool necessary to get the work done in modern enterprise. It includes the a handful of application like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and One Drive and a few more. Iaxcess is Office 365 partner in UAE and you will surely get the best solution which one you are searching right now.

A Subscription Service Model

There are different plans for office 365 and that are best to go with, since they lessen the cost and make the predictable revenue among the organizations.

One of the widely used, Business Premium Subscription of Office 365 consist of:

Exchange Online

Office 365 now you can manage the business communications across web, mobile devices easily and security with the max of 50 GB per user in exchange online.

One Drive for Business

Office 365 Store and access all your data and work in on secure place with 1 TB of data storage capacity.

Skype for Business

With Office 365, you can get the messages, video call, online meetings and web conference sharing capability in one app.

SharePoint Online

With Office 365, you can share idea and your projects in the SharePoint online, the best collaboration and communication tool for information, people and projects.



Office 365 makes private messaging now so easy with your team with Yammer

Cross Platform

Office 365 consistent experiences seamlessly across all platforms, web, media, mobile on the go makes collaboration and communication very easy

Office for Mac

Office 365 for Mac has the same look and feel of office on Windows with seamless integration capability with office 365, one drive for business and SharePoint online.

BI for everyone

Office 365 helps you organize your company’s data in a way that will help you get more information and focus on things that really matter

Trust Center

Office 365 commit highest level of security and compliance one need for their business.


Office eDiscovery portal helps protect and transfer updated content from the central portal.


Benefits of Office 365 for financial services

  • Greater insight into financial risk and business performance
  • Protect client data against risks
  • Improve customer experience

Benefits for Healthcare

  • Gain better control to increase care collaboration and performance.
  • Improve customer care with better communication
  • Protect patients data and ensure compliance against the government standards
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity

Benefits for Retail

  • Gain insights into customer data, store sale and inventory in stock
  • Engage with the customer
  • Enable the managers and store keepers to manage sales from anywhere
  • Protect customer data and ensure compliance
  • Reduce cost and work effectively in the cloud

Benefits for Manufacturing

  • Ensure streamline supply chain
  • Ensure product innovation
  • Improve in field service management
  • Reduce costs and provide tools to work efficiently