Equipment Service Module

Equipment Service Module Vertical Solutions

Equipment Service Module is a type of business activity practiced by most of the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sector depending on the nature of business. IAXCESS has prepared distinctive digital software solutions that perform all the Equipment Service Module activities not only efficiently but provide control to the operators on a boosted level. Our Gold Partnership with Microsoft has allows us full access to their high-end Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM software ERP solutions that can be tailored and customized to perfection and take care of all Equipment Service Module requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. Our custom ERP solutions can:

  • Keep Record of All Equipment Modules On Premises
  • Plan Servicing of All Operational Equipment Modules
  • Assign Servicing Jobs to Available Manpower
  • Update Service Status of Equipment Modules
  • Engage and Update All Employee Records Involved In Servicing Activities
  • Engage and Update All Customer Relationship Management Issues
  • Keep Track of All Client Equipment Service Modules

Equipment Service Module is an integrated portion of a larger system. IAXCESS provides reliable high-end integration between all the involved departments or sections of any industrial, commercial or manufacturing business combining all of them under one ERP system based on superior Microsoft Solutions including the Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM. We provide highly usable front-end user interface for our ERP systems and secure and safe backend programming and coding that takes care of all programs efficiently.

Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Dynamics GP software offering is a very reliable one taking care of all daily activities in a digital more friendly way. IAXCESS make use of our Gold Partnership with Microsoft and tailor the Dynamics GP ERP software specifically for our Equipment Service Module client’s needs. Traditional ways of operating Equipment Service Module businesses are prone to mistakes and manual entries and records are also much harder to take care of than what IAXCESS offers with highly evolved Dynamics GP based software ERP systems that can do all that and more at much faster speeds in a much reliable way. Our integrated ERP systems can:

  • Provide Functional Integration Between All the Concerned Departments
  • Store all Equipment Service Module Data Safely and Securely
  • Provide Easy to Use User Interface Making Life Easier for the Operators
  • Make the Backend Data Storage Secure with Complex Coding

Microsoft has made it very reliable and easy with their Dynamics 365 ERP software that allows any kinds and extents of customizations for the front-end user interface. Our clients can have their very own user interfaces designed to their personal preferences eliminating the need for software training and learning curves requiring much time and effort. Whichever customized interface you prefer, IAXCESS will deliver with our skilled and experienced software programmers.

Dynamics CRM

Complementing the Dynamics GP, the Dynamics CRM provides all that Equipment Service Module business need for a much effective Customer Relationship Management system. The Dynamics CRM integrates the software interface directly with customer side of things making it much easier for the businesses to operate their daily tasks. The general purpose behind the Dynamics CRM software is to provide operators control over customer relations and service management. It can:

  • Record All Customer Needs and Forward them to the Concerned Members
  • Offer Live Support to Customers for Any of Their Queries
  • Offer Intuitive Feedback Systems to Customers
  • Offer Helpful After Sales and Maintenance Systems to Customers
  • Generate Predicted Customer Requirements Based On Previous History

All these and many more functionalities can be achieved by the CRM software systems provided by IAXCESS. With options for customizations at all levels, users and customers will feel right at home with the superior quality ERP systems we offer our clients taking care of their much complex processes based on everyday needs and requirements.