Sophos Security Solutions

Sophos Security Solutions

If there is one thing common in almost all kinds and types of businesses, it is the fact that all of them rate their private data and information very highly. Data integrity is even more important for businesses dealing in software products or ones that store critical information like recorded footage or relevant financial files on hardware or cloud based storage solutions. Gone are the days when businesses were under constant threat of receiving malware attacks and data security was only as strong as a few regular anti-virus solutions, Sophos Endpoint Security is an advanced and evolved security solution that provides isolated endpoint safety with data protection of extreme levels. In Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA, IAXCESS is the most trusted and reliable name in endpoint security solutions safeguarding data integrity for many businesses with reliable solutions. IAXCESS provides customized Sophos based solutions that suit each kind, type, size and industry of our clients in the region ensuring easy to use software solutions that do the best job of repelling all malware attacks. With IAXCESS’s Sophos based Endpoint Security solutions, you will get:

  • Isolated System Protection Where A Part Of The Device Or A Number Of Compromised Devices Are Isolated And Quarantined To Stop The Spread
  • Advanced Instant Threat Removal That Comes Into Play Right As Soon As The Threat Gets Detected
  • Revolutionized Threat Detection With Automated Threat Discovery, Investigation And Response That Works In Sync With Everything And Reduce Incident Response Times
  • Advanced Level Guard Against Malware Of Any Kind, Type And Size That Keeps All Private Business Data Safe In Whichever Form Or Storage Type It Is
  • Peace Of Mind For Business Owners And Managers That Their Private Data Will Always Be For Their Authorized Usage Only And Will Be Safe From Any Kind Of Attacks And Damages

When it comes to endpoint software security in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA, IAXCESS is your most reliable provider. Our Sophos based solutions take care of every minute detail delivery a comprehensive and complete fool proof software solution that is constantly evolving and staying on top of newly developed malware and harmful data attacks.


Endpoint Security that You Can Trust

It is really hard for any sized businesses to put their trust into any kind of security system. As more business people are becoming technology aware, the fact that malware and data attacks are evolving all the time with newly incorporated strategies is becoming well-understood. To counter all these threats and evolving attacks, IAXCESS in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA provide our Sophos based security systems that are top of the line in terms of having updated counter programs that have the ability to keep all data safe under any kind of circumstances.

Sophos Next Gen Protection will correlate threat indicators and block:

  • Web Exploits
  • Application Exploits
  • Dangerous URLs
  • Potentially Unwanted and Harmful Apps
  • Malicious Codes from Getting Close to Your Endpoints

Keeping Data Safe and Authorized

Endpoint security is all about the safely of data and its authorized usage only. IAXCESS has all the skills required with well-trained people to deploy Sophos based endpoint security programs that will keep all your data safely confined to your endpoint systems. The advanced Sophos algorithms will De-Cloak all Malware and provide:

  • Behavioral Analytics – that will determine suspicious behaviors for all threats making it possible to detect even the most stealthy malware
  • Traffic Detection – that will guarantee filtering of all HTTP traffic and also the tracking of suspicious traffic with file path of process sending malicious traffic
  • Integrated Endpoint and Network – that will provide one safe solution for all your integrated devices regardless of their sizes and natures

IAXCESS at Your Doorstep

IAXCESS is your one stop shop for all software related requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. We have our expert offices setup adequately at accessible locations and we also provide the option to our clients where they can call us and plan their own location based meetings in order for us to collect all their requirements and specifications most accurately. We understand that meeting in person is the best way of transferring requirements and we send out our most skilled experts who are not only the most friendly bunch of people but are also well qualified for the job and will prioritize all your requirements based on the size, infrastructure or location of your peripheral devices and connected software locations providing endpoint security solutions that are truly unmatched in terms of their advanced encryptions and always learning software protocols.