The present Covid-19 which is creating chaos around the globe, dismantling life and Business is a disaster to cope up. Everyone is under pressure to keep the Business running smoothly.  With the pace of this virus progressing most organization have already shifted to the remote process.  Therefore, a solution for providing the right tools for remote work, to monitor performance and ensure end-user experience is an essentiality. Are you looking for a remote employee monitoring software UAE/Qatar/KSA/Lebanon/Kuwait/Jordon/Pakistan/India?  Systrack remote staff monitoring software is a fact to reckon with. A complete monitoring system integrated and designed to suit the needs of today’s emergency like situation.

The centralized system can monitor its employees precisely, accurately and responsibly. Systrack software by Lakeside provides a cloud-based remote planning and performance monitoring tool. The tool helps to support end-user and provide critical ongoing performance. It also supports employee’s technology needs throughout this unprecedented time. For already existing customers Lakeside has added dashboards and new training material to support these leverages. It contains information relevant for remote working and provide immediate insight

IAXCESS has risen up as a premium contender for developmental operations and support solutions in the sphere. We having a huge pool of talent, expertise and dedicated teams of technical consultants. Our BI & analytic solutions Lakeside Systrack for remote working is the best software that increase ROI and reduce time and efforts for our customers. IAXCESS, with its excellent track record, great history from 2003 and continuous growth is the most reliable.


key consideration of IT support to remote workers.

Being homebound makes it hard for the employees to do some IT tasks remotely for the first time as they are always used to receive in-person support. By monitoring the endpoint, IT teams can ensure the staff cope ups with access and ability to use their systems.  Their queries like, why is it too slow? Why am I stuck here? Why Bottlenecks? The key considerations are:

  • Latency -Already employees are experiencing their first days and weeks of remote working with Systrack remote software. It has started diagnosing the root cause of problems. Mainly for one user ‘slowness was the issue, Systrack investigated and found that it was the connecting users’ latency and not the VDI service. Thus, wastage of time focussing on a non-issue was reverted and they can focus on productivity.
  • Connectivity -For overcoming Bottlenecks, saturating VPN, and user accessing secure connections
  • Critical Apps – See that communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 providing reliable service
  • End-user experience- Quality of end-user experience, variation of this experience in groups, whether it is improving or declining over the period and are users comfortable and accountable
  • Troubleshooting- Diagnose the problem remotely without disturbing the user when a user calls or submits a ticket. Also, the performance impacts and negative conditions affecting a given system

Perks of using a cloud-hosted solution to support remote workers

  • No data center infrastructure during your lockdown period
  • Instant start-up
  • Highly scalable from100 to 50,000 systems
  • No dev-ops staff needed (or related trainings) to keep it running
  • Works with endpoints that are not domain-joined

An overview of the SysTrack -Remote Work Performance Monitoring Kit

The SysTrack remote work performance monitoring kit is designed to help IT address key areas of considerations sited above. The dashboard provides the following benefits

  • Application latency service
  • Application network performance overview
  • Asset management and location summary
  • End-user experience trend by group
  • Executive group comparison
  • Office 365 application performance overview
  • Target application network performances

 Support your remote workforce by other ways

Through partnerships with leading end-use computer vendors Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, etc.  Systrack supplies visibility and insights to reduce costs and improve productivity

Remote User Feedback

Systrack will make use of scheduled user engagement asking relevant questions about performance and applications to make sure your end users are comfortable and accountable. We will ask questions? To evaluate ourselves.

Systrack remote employee monitoring software, UAE is an excellent software collaborated and designed to resolve all sort of issues related to the consequences of remote working. Specially to help IT departments to plan their support strategies along with ongoing performance analysis and end-user support necessary for the proper functioning of the system. It accelerates and enable work process improving productivity and protects resources.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, therefore remote and end-user experience will be our concern. Our goal is to be proactive and support to identify and implement technical solutions to IT Business challenges. Our agents continuously monitor the whole end-user experience, troubleshoot and resolve IT issues before they generate downtime.

Monitor, Aggregate and Assess?  the main intent. This Lakeside Systrack remote employee monitoring software gives solutions to all complex security questions that keep coming up.

‘Use apt solutions in technology and make your Business worthwhile and productive’