Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management in the IT world is the assurance of functionality, safety and efficiency of IT infrastructure while the business operations is not interrupted. It integrates people, operations and technology into a closely maintained structure so that maintenance of operations is easier and management of non-technical aspects of a business can be kept under strict check and easily managed. 

Facilities management can be briefly summarized into five simple organizational point of execution: 

  • Operations and maintenance of existing infrastructure 
  • Communications between management and clients and inter-enterprise 
  • Project Management 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Emergency Response to Faults 

IAXCESS provides facilities management to our clients who are looking for upscaling or downscaling and need a cost effective solution strategy. Our expertise in Dynamics 365 and related offshoots has helped hundreds of clients gain control of their businesses.  

Facilities Management is divided into two categories: Soft and Hard Facilities Management. IAXCESS focuses on the former through its decades of experience with service solutions in more than 18 countries worldwide. The soft facilities management, as the name suggests has primarily to do with software support that helps businesses in selected areas of operation. Project management, evaluation of financial records, business insights, customer relations and back-end process support are all covered by Soft facilities. 

We have partnered with Microsoft on Dynamics 365 and are one of the top five Gold partners. Our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and utilizes the efficient blend of ERP and CRM management solutions to produce industry specific and malleable applications in any infrastructure.

Employing Dynamics 365 Field View through IAXCESS gives your business: 

Remote issue and threat detection capabilities:

With intelligent solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its variants, enterprises can predict changes and malfunctions the processes could encounter and can prevent them before the need of damage control arises. 

Enhanced communication channel effectivity:

ERP and CRM solutions give human resource management very simple. Teams can be made more dynamically nearer to each other regardless of the physical space they are working in. This increases communication clarity which helps in business growth through time management. 

Optimization of existing resources:

When automatic dispatch of services kicks in, the optimization of resources is the first thing to happen. A clearer idea of requirements and execution lets you utilize your potential resource perfectly. 

Scheduling system for maintenance and repair:

With automatic systems working on supporting your enterprise, scheduled maintenance is done only when it is required saving costs and human resources.  

Cost saving:

With the adoption of third-party trusted resources like IAXCESS, the cost of in-house facility management is considerably reduced. The brain juice needed to maintain and operate a flourishing business when taken over by technical consultants most suitable for the job, automatically helps you diverge your resources for more productive activities in the enterprise. 


With dedication of your process to a third party, you are always informed of the changes required to the proper working of the enterprise. Similarly, any changes required in the enterprise could be coordinated to the third party which will ensure the execution without interruption to the workflow as much as possible. 

Time Saving:

Inventory management, sales and purchase audits, human resource management are time dumps – they consume so much time that the administration may not find enough time to plan for growth and future of the enterprise. Facility managers can let you dedicate enough time to contemplate on company vision and direction when it takes over the secondary issue of enterprise in its own hands. 

Point of Communications:

When multiple aspects of enterprise are handed over to third parties, it allows one way channel for all discussions and communications regarding all aspects. To make changes to any one aspect of the outsourced, a dedicated customer representative will be available to the disposal of the enterprise. This lets an ease of communication in the enterprise.  

Quality and consistency:

With outsourcing, the major charge of quality provision falls with the third party. Facility providers like IAXCESS take full responsibility of efficient and valuable service and handle issues and problems on their end so that the final output for you is as neat and readily available for implementation as possible. Instead of hiring new resources and dedicating time to bring them up to speed, outsourcing facilities to third parties takes on the problem as it is and starts generating solutions instantly. 

Before hiring third party facility management providers, a detailed analysis of the track record should be made and only those service providers should be hired which ensure quality and consistency. To help understand facility management or inquiry about our modus operandi, click here.