Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud

Every business or organization needs reliable data storage options to safeguard their significant data and provide a convenient experience along with it as well. Traditional data storage has always been preferred using high quality and reliable servers and systems that not only require a lot of maintenance but also take up a lot of space and if you are already short on space, which most business organizations are, you run yourself into an issue. IAXCESS in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA aim to solve that problem by providing our clients Microsoft Windows Azure powered cloud storage options that store all their important data and files offsite on cloud drives. No more will you need to set up expensive servers and bulky systems, the ultimate data storage solution from IAXCESS powered by Microsoft Windows Azure is here to server your purpose efficiently. Our technically strong systems with much easy and customized interface has:

  • Azure IoT Edge that Helps with Extending AI and Analytics to Edge Devices
  • NET that Allows to Develop and Infuse Custom AI into Apps
  • Azure Kubemeters Services (AKS) that Allow Much Simpler Kubemeters Usage
  • Azure Blockchain Workbench that Allows Simplification of Blockchain App Development
  • Azure Lab Services that Make It Much Faster and Easier to Set Up Cloud Labs
  • Secure Data Storage with Offsite Cloud Storage

IAXCESS makes sure that all our clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA get efficient and reliable cloud storage services that are also very fast allowing instant access to stored data and files. The Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud services are some of the highest tech options and can also be customized to perfection suitable for custom needs and preferences.


Rapid and Reliable Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are all about their ability to provide fast and secure data storage that ensures safely and always available data access for its users. IAXCESS brings just that and much more with our Microsoft Windows Azure powered cloud storage systems. We have a Gold Partnership with Microsoft that allows us full access to their Azure Cloud services that can be tailored to perfection to suit your specific preferences. The reliable cloud data storage is much more advanced than site based older ways of storing data allowing offsite storage that eliminates the need for expensive and sizeable servers and systems at the same time.

Multiple Locations and Sites, One Offsite Data Storage

The Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud storage systems provide a great data management option for its users. IAXCESS in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA sets up our client’s multiple systems that might be running at multiple sites, offices or locations within the mentioned regions in a way that all the data worked at those locations gets stored at one shared cloud based offsite location. This stored data can easily and reliably be accessed by any connected and authorized location or system delivering convenient solutions all the time. Using our high quality Azure Cloud services, you can:

  • Store All Your Data from Different Locations Onto One Cloud Based Location
  • Keep the Stored Data Safe and Secure for Anytime Availability
  • Access the Stored Data from Any Authorized Location or Login Anywhere You Are
  • Store All Your Data In a Compact Affordable Way

Intelligent Cloud Storage with Trusted, Experienced Service Providers

Not only does Microsoft Windows Azure system allows for reliable cloud based data storage but also offers powerful AI services that can be tailored to suit specific needs and requirements. You can create intelligent apps or customize the user interface of your cloud services providing reliable data storage and access just when and where required using the Microsoft Windows Azure tool. Additionally, IAXCESS is one of your most reliable software services providers in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. We have been serving thousands of happy clients for almost two decades now and have gained much experience and client trust in the region enforcing us with their recommendations for future opportunities as well. We aim to keep providing our trusty and skilled services in the region and make business data storage for everyone in the region much easier, reliable and cost effective.