Seqrite Endpoint Security

Seqrite Endpoint Security

Seqrite Endpoint Security

Seqrite is the protégé of Quick Heal Technologies, one of the global leaders in reliable computer and network security solutions. From the past 25 years, the latter has been on a mission to safeguard its consumers from advanced cyber threats. Courtesy to our vast experience in malware detection and our research and development endeavours, we had forecasted that enterprises, just like individual consumers, would be the new targets for cyber attacks. Digital transformation, data-rich vaults, easy access to financial information are only a few reasons out of many due to which businesses have become sought-after targets for attackers.

The real reason however behind the genesis of Seqrite was the worrying intensity and volume of malware that Quick Heal had analysed through its reports, which would penetrate the enterprise in the coming years and bring it to a standstill. Hence, continuing on their mission of safeguarding businesses as now consumers from cyber threats, Quick Heal developed an entire new suite, which we now know as Seqrite.

The forecast was right – in the first quarter of 2019, 28 million malware attacked Windows Operating Systems, most of which were blocked, thanks to Seqrite. The software suite has now become a world-class Enterprise Security brand defined by innovation and simplicity. Seqrite’s solutions are an amalgamation of years of accumulated experience in cyber threat protection, advanced analytics and best-in-breed technological competencies. Seqrite’s comprehensive solutions have made it a go-to cybersecurity solution for millions of customers across 80 countries.

As Seqrite keeps defending enterprises, the suite keeps evolving to counter tomorrow’s threats with its vision to be ‘the’ most trusted global leader in securing the Digital World.

Predominantly, Seqrite focusses on –

  • Consulting enterprises about cybersecurity and assisting them in choosing the right products from its suite, impart knowledge on benchmarked cybersecurity practises and provide professional services  about the same
  • Guarding business-critical data and interactions across the enterprise
  • Building a healthy business that is 100 % compliant for cybersecurity

Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS)

EPS is an extremely well thought of concept that has taken into account a combination of factors that may affect enterprise endpoints – endpoints are critical components in an enterprise network and are most prone to attacks. Hence, securing them from advanced, treacherous threats is vital.

The software solution is a blend of –

  • Advanced Device Control
  • DLP
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Patch Management
  • Web Filtering
  • Asset Management

The attributes are available under one platform ensuring that organizations get the best in protecting their network endpoints.

Seqrite Encryption Manager (SEM)

SEM is Seqrite’s premium offering for encrypting enterprise data available at endpoints – computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. that employees use either inside or outside office premises. SEM is a military-grade product considering that the encryption is delivered in four of the best programming languages for the same. Enterprises integrated with such capabilities are bound to be at the forefront of bolstering data security, winning customer confidence and complying to data protection laws.

Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud (EPS – Cloud)

The EPS – Cloud functions similarly to EPS with one major nuance – the feature allows remote monitoring of endpoints. The functionality provides ample flexibility for admins to monitor endpoints irrespective of their location – be it home, on-the-go or in the office.

Seqrite mSuite

mSuite is a specialized product for enterprises that encourage in mobilizing their workforce. The solution is available for both, on-premise and cloud ecosystems and excels in protecting business-critical data on mobile devices. Enterprises can leverage superior mSuite capabilities such as remote device management and control, single console management for all devices and reliability in mobile security and anti-theft reactivity.