OTAVA Cloud Backup

OTAVA Cloud Backup

Data backup is one of the biggest concerns for businesses around the world for more than one reasons. OTAVA Cloud Backup Solution is a service you can trust for all kinds of multi-dimensional data backup options. For our clients in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan and India, IAXCESS offers best OTAVA Cloud Backup Service. We are official partners with OTAVA in the region and offer a complete set of their services ensuring complete data protection and all kinds of backup solutions at the same time. Now you don’t have to put your data at risk for any threat at all, IAXCESS guarantees best data backup solutions for all business needs.

Multi-Dimensional Backup for Your Important Files

As businesses grow keener on the software side of things, keeping data and files backed up on more than one dimensions is becoming quite significant. OTAVA Cloud Backup Solution brings just that with its advanced data backup options. IAXCESS offers full suite of OTAVA Cloud Backup service that include:

  • Offsite data and files backup
  • Onsite data backup with offsite replication
  • Cold storage for data and immediate access availability
  • Database and application aware replication and much more

You simply don’t have to trust one data backup source anymore. IAXCESS in combination with OTAVA now offers services that you can trust for any kinds of requirements. Also, all kinds of infrastructures are supported with OTAVA. VMware, Hyper-V and also physical servers are all supported enabling you to recover from offsite or onsite data backups ensuring all time availability.

Full Data Encryption Available at All Levels

OTAVA offers a professional grade Cloud Backup Solution that ensures proper data encryption at all levels. Even when moving or backing up your files from workstations or servers, high level encryptions apply for maximum data security. Granular data and file restoration at any layer also guarantee proper restore for all backed up data. In simple terms, your data is always secure with OTAVA and IAXCESS ensures that your business always get the best services and solutions. Our Cloud Data Backup Solution brings peace of mind and always available data backup and restore options.

Data Backups Supported by Renowned Services

Another top feature OTAVA Cloud Backup Solutions bring to you is support for backups by world renowned software service providers. Your backups through OTAVA will also be supported by Zerto, Veeam and actifio. Simply let IAXCESS handle all your data through efficient backup systems that are always listening and have peace of mind that you can use them any way you need. We always have perfect business partnerships with OTAVA that allow us full coverage of their complete suite of data backup services.


IAXCESS Offers On-Site Installation with Satisfactory After Sales Services

IAXCESS has been serving the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan and India markets for over a decade now. Our team of experts also offer on-site installations in our markets where you just sit back and relax, we do all the heavy lifting. We connect all your servers and workstations together providing best OTAVA Cloud Backup Solution for all your business needs. Call us now and our team will visit your business location designing the best software solution for your business needs.

OTAVA Cloud Backup Solutions Superior Features

The OTAVA Cloud Backup Solution has made a name for itself based on some of the most distinctive super high-quality features. These include:

  • Automated scheduled data backups on cloud servers
  • Secure data backup in full encrypted format for maximum security
  • Both offsite and onsite data backups available with perfect replication
  • Data backups available for restore on many software fronts
  • Full workstation and server data cloud storage options
  • Cold storage for important files and data ensuring anytime availability

If you have business dealings that tend to software side of things, IAXCESS in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan and India will provide you best OTAVA based cloud data backup solutions with affordable packages. Call now and avail our superior services for your business needs.