How Startups Can Benefit From CRM Solutions

According to a research, 14% of all the small business failures can be attributed to the ignoring of customers or poor customer experience. Startups need to acquire and retain customers as much as they want to thrive financially or in terms of brand name. Conventional greeting and complaint services do not cut it anymore. With digital technologies opening new avenues to faster, more satisfactory experiences, it is time that startups look for more digitalized solutions for their benefit.

One of these digitalized wonder is a CRM – Customer Relationship Management software which is built to manage and improve the company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It supports management of sales, provides business insights, integrates and enhances team communication as well as facilitate brand recognition through social media integration. With CRM systems available on cloud, the mobility is increased tens of times and remote connections and control make the implementation of this software even more desirable.

Why implement CRM solution?

With the application of CRM solution, the administrative and operational details of sales and marketing are made comprehensible and easily usable to build customer relations. It also helps to improve and retain customer experience by storing every little detail about the customer that you can get so that you can ultimately provide a targeted customer experience which is a definite means to business thriving. With integrated CRM, the whole process is automated and the control room is centered on a single dashboard with access to every customer activity and past and active records

Consider this: You as a startup owner, misplace the contact information of a potential client who had showed interest in buying your product. A business opportunity lost is a big thing in the cutthroat world where 56% of the startups don’t make it past a few years. Or if the email that should have made to a specific client reaches someone else. The reputation and standing of your startup can take a hit because of simple record keeping errors like this. Similarly, if the customer number increases somehow over a short period of time, do you want to hire new people just to take care of the new record or make your existing employees work overtime? Both are not viable. Automation is the answer.

Benefit From CRM Solutions

Here are a few ways how small businesses and startups can benefit from CRM solution: 

Organized history of client interactions:

A CRM solution provides your startup with every little detail about a customer interaction you had during your time being their provider. This lets you in on their interests, activities, business interests and capabilities and most of all, your previous interactions which helps you provide personalized services to your customers.

Unified Control:

With a CRM solution in place, all the activities concerned with your customers; current orders, communications, contact information, previous interaction; complaints and demands can be accessed through a single screen. All of this critical business information will be available to you at all times through a CRM.

Unlimited potential:

Automated systems do not come with a workload limit unlike a human employee. Analog data keeping has gone extinct because a single personal computer can hold same amount of information as a team of a hundred workers. A CRM has no limit for clients it can manage at s angle point. It will work when you have a handful of clients and will work at the same efficiency when you have a thousand interactive sessions going on in a single day.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great option for consideration: 

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great option for consideration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a flexible solution which is tweaked to your startup requirements. It provides individual tools as well as whole package deals so that you opt for what you like. The integration of Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft applications is a huge plus.

Cloud support:

Dynamics 365 also lets you rely on Microsoft cloud platform which reduces operating costs and simplifies deployment across the structure of your startup.

Multichannel Campaigns:

With a comprehensive list of all your customers credentials, your startup can benefit a lot by sending promotional material to your customers through email marketing, web marketing as well as physical event hosting.

Competitive advantage:

Microsoft Dynamics lets you build your own unique standing in the sector of the industrial world you operate in. With excellent business insights using AI feeds, you can provide unique services to your clients which can help you in retaining customers and increasing public recommendations. For example, with an automated list of customer details provided in the Dynamics 365 dashboard, you can deliver a goodie bag or a thank you note from your side to your customers which will not only increase customer satisfaction but would also spread the word about how caring your startup is about its customers. Little things can do wonders.

Startups need to focus on their infrastructure before they can settle up and aim for a jump across the courtyard. If the wings are muddy, the flight might be as short lived as the average startup’s floating time and as ironic as it is, encasing more resources is not growth but building strong foundations with the available ones is.

IAXCESS is a Gold partner of Microsoft for Dynamics 365 and considered one of their top 5 partners. Our history of provision dates back to the 2000’s and have a huge footprint in UAE, Middle East and 13 countries around the world.  Get into contact with our customer support team to understand and inquire about Dynamics 365 as a CRM solutions and how beneficial could it be for your startup.