Retail System

Retail System

Are you a Retail Business owner in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait or KSA? Are you looking for the most reliable and advanced software system that can take care of all your everyday problems providing great solutions? IAXCESS provides highest quality Microsoft Dynamics services that do just what you want providing peace of mind and smooth business in the long term. Our Gold Partnership with Microsoft enables us to provide Dynamics services that include high quality:

  • Cash Flow Integration
  • Floor Stock Sales Integration
  • Back Stock Integration
  • Automatic Order Generation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Employee Records, Check Ins and Check Outs
  • Employee Shift Management
  • Payroll and Finance Management
  • Maintenance Records


IAXCESS provides some of the most advanced and developed retail systems with integrated support for all functions of a retail business. Our Microsoft Dynamics range of products take care of all your retailing needs perfectly providing easy business and peace of mind for all daily tasks.

Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is just a perfect package for all retail activities when installed correctly. It has complex yet easy to use coding in it that can take care of all everyday functions very efficiently, including:

  • Retail For Trading And Distribution
  • Retail For Food And Beverages
  • Retail For Fashion

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 software provided by IAXCESS integrates all your functions together creating one complete system that can gets all your jobs done efficiently. We create user friendly ERP systems that are the easiest to operate and yet provide the most functional usability for our clients. Our Gold Partnership with Microsoft allows us to tailor the Dynamics 365 software into usable applications that with its advanced coding allows users to store and access data easily and efficiently.

Dynamics GP

The Microsoft GP software provided by IAXCESS is the perfect choice for a many retail functions. It is a dynamic application that can be shaped and installed just right to provide unique functionalities that are unmatched by any of the competition, including:

  • Equipment Rental Vertical
  • Equipment Service Module

The Dynamics GP is a perfect choice for all your equipment records integrating live operations with all the requirements making your life much easier by providing an easy to operate features that you can use however you may need. We provide integrated software systems that can keep track of all the activities and requirements on the fly making your retail business life much easier.

Dynamics CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the biggest success factors in any retail business. Many different kinds of retail businesses have high quality advanced CRM installed on their shop floors that help customers find what they are looking for and leave suggestions for what they think can be done better. IAXCESS provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM software that is tailored to perfection to suit your specific type of usage scenario providing high level customer relation management in the process. Our integrated Dynamics CRM provides great solutions for businesses engaging in the follow activities:

  • Equipment Rental Vertical
  • Equipment Service Module
  • Property and Real Estate Management
  • Marketing Vertical

Our Customer Relationship Management systems are integrated all the way with the intent of providing high level customer care for our clients. From store product locations to customer feedback generation and everything within, the intelligent Dynamics CRM software provided by IAXCESS takes care of all your retail store needs most efficiently.

Dynamics NAV

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most complete software offerings in the retail industry. The customizable software provides users just what they need taking care of even the most challenging scenarios and situations efficiently. Businesses including the following can use the superior Dynamics NAV systems tailored to their needs:

  • School Management System
  • Recycling Business Vertical

Functions including digital attendance, feedback from teachers, maintenance records, accounts and finance and everything else in the mentioned business types can be taken care of using the master systems we provide our clients.