Equipment Rental Vertical

Retail for Equipment Rental Vertical Solution

Equipment Rental Vertical businesses are found in abundance today in the UAE and KSA, how do you make them easier and more interactive? The answer is really simple, you make the whole process digital and automated instated of doing everything manually. IAXCESS provides some of the most sophisticated software ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics solutions, the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM more specifically tailored to perfection to suit the needs of Equipment Rental Vertical businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. The tailored integrated ERP systems based on Microsoft solutions that IAXCESS provides you can take care of:

  • Record Keeping for Employees
  • Check Ins and Check Outs for Employees
  • Record of Available Inventory
  • Record of Rented Out Items
  • Client Records with Equipment Rental Vertical Estimates
  • Projections of New Required Equipment
  • Automatic Integrated Accounting, HR and Front End Software Layers


Businesses like Equipment and Rental Verticals are always dealing with clients who want to use their available items. Our integrated and user friendly software based solutions can automate many processes for business owners making their business lives much easier and hassle free. IAXCESS is your most reliable software solutions provider with a Gold Partnership with Microsoft that allows us complete access to their brilliant Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM software solutions. These two work together perfectly to provide Equipment Rental Vertical businesses in KSA and UAE software systems that are customized to their own preferences and perform just better than any other offering in the market.

Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Dynamics GP is a specially designed software tool for Equipment Rental Vertical businesses with all the right programming and coding that supports easy transactions with equipment records and availability made digital. IAXCESS provide our clients with customized ERP solutions based on Dynamics GP software from Microsoft that can account for all major functions within Equipment Rental Vertical businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. The Dynamics GP based system, customized by IAXCESS can take care of:

  • Inventory Records with Live Updates
  • Projected Business Leads and Stock Availability
  • Manpower distribution and Availability
  • Integration with HR Functions within the Organization
  • Integration with Accounting and Finance

Microsoft has made it very easy with their Dynamics GP software system for Equipment Rental Vertical businesses to manage their everyday tasks and IAXCESS has a Gold Partnership with Microsoft that allows us full access to their services enabling all the required customizations for the front end user interface and also the backend behind the scenes programming and coding systems.

Dynamics CRM

Where the Dynamics GP provides great control over all company or business side of everyday transactions, the Dynamics CRM completes the system with a high quality Customer Relationship Management interface. The Dynamics CRM takes care of all customer related everyday tasks including:

  • Taking Orders and Dispensing Inventory Accordingly
  • Integrated Stock Availability for Live Customer Support
  • Feedback and Suggestions Options Made Easy
  • After Sales Services Including Maintenance and Installations

The basic idea behind the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to provide an integrated customer support software system that interacts with the Dynamics GP for Equipment Rental Vertical businesses providing them a software based ERP system that is easy to operate and complete in every system. The Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM interact with each other efficiently providing users just what they need making business worries of managers and staff members much easier with digital solutions. Any Equipment Rental Vertical business in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA can now rest easy knowing all their business tasks can be served very well by software solutions from IAXCESS. We aim to wash out all errors and mistakes in traditional manual ways of doing business and present to our clients a software based system that they can rely on.

us to tailor our software ERP solutions just according to our client’s needs making their daily business transactions automated as much as possible and so much easier on the whole.