Retail for Trading and Distribution

Retail for Trading and Distribution

How to make your Retail for Trading and Distribution businesses more interactive and easy? This is a question that many business owners and managers have been asking the experts over the decades. IAXCESS provides reliable software solutions that interact with capable hardware providing a useful ERP system that can be tailored according to the needs of businesses employing them. We are the Gold Partners with Microsoft and provide their highly developed Microsoft Dynamics 365 system tailored to perfection to suit specific needs of Retail for Trading and Distributions businesses. IAXCESS takes care of all major and minor Trading and Distribution with regards to Retail businesses including:

  • Record Keeping for Employees.
  • Check Ins and Check Outs for Employees.
  • Integrated Stock Ordering.
  • Integrated Back Stock Records.
  • Record Keeping for Customers or Clients.
  • Feedback Menus for Customers.
  • Automatic Ordering Systems from Clients or customers.


Trading and Distribution is a complex part of any retail business that can lead to many mistakes on a daily basis. IAXCESS aims to provide businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA software ERP systems that eliminate these mistakes as much as possible. The automatic systems we provide just need small inputs from users and operators in order to provide reliable trading and distribution help keeping front end things very simple while all the complex calculations are done in the background.

Dynamics 365

Looking for a customizable software system that can provide reliable ERP implementation for the Trading and Distribution division of your Retail business? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete software that can provide all required services and commands at your fingertips. IAXCESS backed by our Gold partnership with Microsoft have access to all their sublime functionalities and features that allow us to tailor our ERP solutions to match the exact needs of retail businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA covering their Trading and Distribution divisions perfectly.

Interactive Front-End Interface

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the option for very friendly and interactive front end interfaces for any tailored ERP solutions. IAXCESS tailors the front end interface exactly how our clients like it providing them easy operated systems in their preferred language as well. This customization in the front end interface is achieved through high levels of skills and IT professionals that we have at all our offices in areas that we offer our services in. The readymade themes by Microsoft are also available and yet if you want something truly unique and fitting for your personal needs, IAXCESS can provide you that as well keeping things simple yet very functional for our clients making their day to day business tasks much easier.

Reliable Data Storage and Backend Programming

Like any other digital business, the retail space in the modern day is also about the safety and security of important data. IAXCESS makes sure to implement important measure that take your data from the front end interface to the backend programming and data drives very efficiently storing everything just where it needs to go. Our efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems implementation safeguards secure data and timely usage of it as and when required. You will not have to worry about anyone unauthorized access to your personal and secure data with highly critical level security that we offer along with very interactive software tailored solutions.

IAXCESS is a tried and tested software technology products provider in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all cities of KSA. Our experience in the industry has helped us gain the trust of many happy clients and we back our words with efficient software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 providing our clients just what they need to succeed in the retail space with regards to their Trading and Distribution channels.