Veeam Backup

Veeam Disaster and Backup Recovery

Data for a lot of businesses around the world is of great significance; even more so for software oriented businesses and companies that run their entire operations from a computer system. To keep important data safe and well guarded against malware threats, data loss of any kind or any other disasters causing loss of information is a top priority for businesses and organizations. IAXCESS in Dubai, Jordan, Muscat and all parts of KSA provides Veeam powered Disaster and Backup Recovery programs that provide complete data backup in any kinds of disasters with reliable cloud storage options storing your important files at safe locations. IAXCESS is the software solutions pioneer in the region and we have served a large number of clients for nearly two decades and are now known as the most trustable provider of Veeam Disaster and Backup Recovery systems that provide peace of mind for important files. Our superior quality reliable services offer:

  • Complete Data Backup At Scheduled or Automatic Times
  • Completely Customizable Template Based Disaster Recovery Reports in Easy to Use Formats
  • Disaster Recovery Documentation for Technical and Audit Based Documents
  • Automatically Maintained Up-To-Date Data Including Notifications for What Changed for Dynamically Changing Environments
  • Automated Test Systems Providing a Fail Proof System
  • Reliable Data Backup for Disaster Situations
  • Reliable Data Recovery Getting Everything Just As Required and Left Before That Disaster Struck

IAXCESS is your one stop shop for all software related needs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jordan and all parts of KSA. Along with our very advanced ERP systems, we also offer highly reliable Veeam Disaster and Backup Recovery systems that take away all your worries of having to lose your important data in case of any disasters at all.

Multiple Locations, One Solution

Veeam Disaster and Back Recovery is a professional grade software solution that is able to connect many different locations for your businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and KSA in terms of disaster data recovery. IAXCESS provides top-level Veaam based solutions that interact with all your different systems safeguarding all your important files on them in a much efficient and friendly way. We use this powerful tool efficiently providing our clients in our operations locations the peace of mind that all their important files will never be lost to them in any kind of a disaster situation.

Location Based Safe Installations

Where IAXCESS shines in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Muscat and KSA is our ability to provide our clients much satisfactory convenient service by reaching out to their locations. We plan client location based meetings that not only assess all our client’s requirements but also deliver Veeam powered disaster and backup recovery solutions that tend to all their needs most efficiently. Our skilled and experienced disaster backup recovery professionals are always ready and willing to help you with efficient and reliable systems that safeguard all your important data and files providing peace of mind to you as well.

Dynamic Documents, Automated Tests and Reliable Recovery

IAXCESS is your most reliable provider of Veeam powered disaster and backup recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Muscat and KSA, which ensure much easy and tailored solutions for their front user-interfaces and also backend cloud based coding. Our Veeam powered backup recovery solutions offer:

  • Dynamic Documents Supports that Tracks All Live Changes and Backs Everything Up On the Go
  • Automated Tests Making Sure Everything Is Up to Speed All the Time
  • Much Reliable Data Recovery Making Everything Feel As If Nothing Happened and No Data Got Lost At All
  • Peace of Mind for Our Clients In All Our Operational Region Facilitating Easy and Smooth Business Transactions

IAXCESS takes our client’s opinions and preferences very seriously as well. If you need any tailored solutions in terms of customized user interfaces or integrated data support for your many systems and sites at one place, we can tailor our Veeam based solutions according to your particular preferences as well. Let us know your exact Disaster and Backup Recovery needs and we will bring your perfect solutions right to you in a convenient hassle free way not letting down any of your custom requirements at all.