Neverfail enables businesses around the globe to achieve 100% uptime through the world’s most resilient infrastructure, cloud, and business continuity solutions. Made for mission critical businesses, Neverfail solutions mitigate the risk of downtime in the face of any potential outage. By delivering seamless business continuity in and out of the cloud, we empower our partners and clients to realize their full potential and continuously deliver – without the risk of downtime.

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  • Over 4000 customers in 40+ countries, including VMWare, CBS, Fox, Delta Airlines, Alan Steel, Credit Suisse, Unisys and many more.
  • Continuity Engine was the first software ISV to be certified by Microsoft’s SQL server Always On program.
  • Continuity Engine was chosen by VMWare to keep vSphere’s single point of failure, vCenter Server, always-on under an OEM agreement where VMware sells Continuity Engine under their own brand.
  • Validated through OEM agreements with other leading organizations like Honeywell, SunGard, Cisco, eVault, AVST, and IPSWITCH.

Neverfail Continuity Engine (formerly called Heartbeat) is the only solution that keeps your users continuously connected to the critical Windows-based applications in your business regardless of what causes the outage or the location you choose to failover to. This encompasses high availability, disaster recovery, and continuous operations in a single solution.

Neverfail provides highly available cloud services to Clever Devices, a company requiring ISO certification and continuous availability for mission-critical applications. Clever Devices built the United States most resilient transportation company with Neverfail Continuity Engine. Neverfail’s mission-critical cloud infrastructure and business continuity solutions come to the UK. Contact Iaxcess and know more about Neverfail growing global presence:

Making vCenter Highly Available

  • Proactively Monitors & Protects vCenter from Downtime 
  • Seamless Failover & Failback Capabilities for VMware HA
  • Extends VMware SRM to Physical Servers

Backup, Recovery & Archive for the Enterprise

Backup your data from any site to any other site. Use your own on-premise data centers or Neverfail’s cloud.

  • Geographic Distribution 
  • Reduce Required Storage Capacity
  • Reduce Costs with Object Storage


Neverfail enables hardware, physical to virtual, data center, or cloud migra­tions with no downtime, without hours of manual labor, and with full testing before making the final cut over. You can use handle migrations between individual servers, application groups, and even complete sites with single-button control on the final switchover.

Continuous Application Availability

Neverfail’s application-aware DR technology is unique in the industry. If an application hangs up, the system will automatically failover to your DR servers instantly, even if your primary servers are still operational. That’s why some of the world’s most mission-critical businesses depend on Neverfail.

  • Automated Resiliency
  • Instant Failover
  • Proactive Protection

Disaster Recovery

Every enterprise needs a well thought out disaster recovery strategy based on their specific requirements. Neverfail makes it easy for cloud service providers and enterprises to build out a complete Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) service offering. Use a combination of on premises servers and our cloud to support instant recovery for complex, multi-site, multi-tenant IT environments.

Cloud Backup:

You can now backup your data from any site to any other site using your own on-premise data centers or Neverfail’s cloud.
Get maximum protection with our geographically dispersed data centers. Our advanced backup, recovery and archive services use the power of a single pane-of-glass SaaS platform to let you manage your entire environment.

  • Automated Resiliency – Manage, monitor and maintain a highly reliable and resilient “always on” IT infrastructure with a single pane of glass, eliminating the complexity of multi-site management.
  • Instant Failover – Automated application failover to local, remote or cloud sites with near-zero recovery time and recovery point objectives. Immediate failover of critical situations with near-zero recovery times eliminates the loss of crucial data.
  • Proactive Protection – Neverfail technology proactively monitors and protects your entire business application ecosystem, assuring no user downtime regardless of the nature of an outage.