Stormshield is best known for designing and building the UTM (Unified Threat Management) range of “all-in-one” Network Security appliances that combine multiple security features in one device. Key features include intrusion prevention, firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, content filtering, and VPN access.

Stormshield brings together three areas of expertise that provide long-term protection against the most advanced of threats, irrespective of intrusion method. With a range of flexible products which can easily be integrated into all types of infrastructures, Stormshield solutions provide you with high quality combined with security guarantees through numerous features, certifications and qualifications.

Network Protection

Because a security solution represents an investment for several years, Stormshield Network Security products offer the requisite modularity and features for keeping abreast of future changes in the information system. In a “Bring-Your-Own-Everything” world, it has become even more of a challenge keeping users in check while developing an agile corporation that moves with the times. The only way for security to be effective is when it is seamless for both users and administrators.

With modern threats bypassing conventional protection systems as routinely as they do, a new approach to security is imperative. Stormshield Network Security solutions are built upon the concept of Multi-layer Collaborative Security. This holistic model, based on the active collaboration between the security engines on our various solutions marks the future of information system defense in depth.

Data Protection

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of your business data when mobility has become part and parcel of everyday life? Is there a way to be protected from external interception or internal indiscretion?

Seamless and built into your usual communication tools, the Stormshield Data Security solution allows your specialized teams to create safe collaboration environments, regardless of the medium (e-mail, USB keys, etc.), terminal (computer, smartphone) and application (collaborative, intranet, shared networks, etc.) used.

Endpoint Protection

Attacks these days have become increasingly targeted and sophisticated in order to bypass conventional protection systems. They use advanced infection techniques such as the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities and implement complex mechanisms to go undetected in the operating system.

Relying on a unique system analysis technology, Stormshield Endpoint Security is the only solution that provides proven protection against these sophisticated attacks.