Double Take Backup

Double Take Backup

Double-Take Availability allows you to meet high availability and disaster recovery requirements by safeguarding workloads across any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources, in real time.

With agent-based and agentless protection options, hardware agnostic workload mobility, real-time protection for any combination of virtual, physical or cloud servers, and the ability to protect critical business functions operating 24×7, the new Double-Take Availability provides total workload protection and mobility… and total peace of mind.

Double Take Availability offers:

  • Real-time protection with full-server failover in minutes, not hours
  • Comprehensive protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • All-in-one availability, disaster recovery, failover and migration

Double-Take® DR helps you create a reliable disaster recovery plan with minimal infrastructure investment, and enables you to diversify your existing strategy to avoid a single point of failure. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, scalable, disaster recovery solution that can protect and recover data and entire servers across physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources, you’ve found it.

Because Double-Take DR is hardware, hypervisor, and platform independent, it’s the optimal solution for cloud-based disaster recovery for Windows and Linux servers.

Protect anything-to-anything, anywhere-to-anywhere

  • Use any combination of cloud, virtual, or physical servers for total DR flexibility.
  • Place your repository server anywhere, protect anything, and recover anywhere.
  • Protect and recover data, applications, and servers regardless of the origin and destination.
Simplicity and ease of use

Choose any server, regardless of applications and data configuration, and easily configure protection.
Take advantage of hosted, private, or public cloud platform scalability and rapid provisioning for complete business continuity without complicated and costly infrastructure.

Cloud ready and optimized

Set up target repository anywhere for fast access to public or private clouds from any location.

How it works

Double-Take DR provides affordable software-based protection and recovery of entire servers. Double-Take DR continuously captures changes at the byte level and asynchronously replicates those changes in real-time for anything-to-anything full server protection of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers.

Multiple production servers can be protected to a single repository server, and in the event of server system outages, those servers can be recovered in their entirety back to the original or to different servers. In addition to protecting from actual outages, Double-Take DR also provides the ability to perform DR testing without impacting protection of production servers, allowing you to verify new and existing SLAs on your own schedule.